Variegated Serissa Foetida Bonsai - 10 Years Old

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  • The variegated serissa needs a lot of direct sun so choose a place for it that is not shaded and receives the most light possible.
  • Unlike other bonsais and houseplants, it does not need to be protected from the hottest part of the day, but ensure that it is protected from the wind and temperatures overnight do not drop under 10 °C.
  • A Variegated Serissa Bonsai can be propagated by cuttings or seeds. Cuttings can be taken from healthy branches in spring or summer and planted in moist sand or perlite. Keep them in a warm and humid place until they root.
  • A Snow Rose enjoys high humidity and this can be achieved by placing a gravel tray under the pot, as well as using a mister to spray the leaves (when it is not flowering).
  • This variegated cultivar features attractive white lines around its small leaves.

Serissa foetida, also known as the Snow Rose or tree of a thousand stars, is a tropical shrub that is native to southeast Asia. It is valued by bonsai collectors for its gnarled bark, small white flowers and fine ramification, and is one of the more challenging bonsai trees to look after.