How we started

We started out by focusing mainly on various growing medias. We wanted the best orchid bark and orchid moss specifically used for growing orchids. The barks and mosses produced in New Zealand seemed to be the finest products available so we decided to start offering these products online to orchid enthusiasts across the country. As our business grew we were asked to provide a full line of orchid supplies and over the next few years we expanded our product lines to what they are today. We will continue to add new products every few months, but if you see something we don’t offer that you would like to see please let us know.

A New Experience

Orchid Supply Store is your one stop shopping destination for top quality orchid supplies. We offer great prices on many different types of supplies, from pots and baskets to bark and moss.

Take a few minutes to browse our new and improved website. You will find many products available for the experienced orchid enthusiast as well as other items for the occasional grower. We try to keep our prices very reasonable and we offer FREE shipping on almost everything, except for heavier items.

Please enjoy and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.