Orchid Pots

Orchid Pots for Sale
Many types of orchid plants are epiphytes, or “air plants” that in nature grow directly on other plants. Because of this, many species of orchids derive a lot of structure from their roots, which are never buried deep in soil or sitting in water. It also means that orchids need a substantial amount of airflow to their roots, and will be happiest and healthiest when light can reach the roots, too.

That said, aspiring orchid growers can grow them in pots, as long as you take account of their need for high humidity, airflow, and light penetration. Many of our orchid pots are small, clear plastic containers that provide plenty of support for orchid roots while allowing light to penetrate. They also allow the pots to release excess water through larger drainage holes - which is vital to prevent the orchid substrate from getting too soggy while also allowing for air circulation around the roots. Many of the Teku Orchid Pots for sale on this page are ideal for growing orchids in artificial containers. Pair them with a suitable orchid substrate and contact us if you have any questions!