Restrepiella Ophiocephala

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  • Name/Species: Restrepiella Ophiocephala
  • Plant will be up to 11 inches tall with an 10 inch spread.
  • This is a younger plant, just a few months away from blooming. It is not in bloom. With proper care will bloom many years.
  • Shipped, freshly watered, packaged with care.
  • You will receive 1 orchid.

Restrepiella ophiocephala grows from a short, creeping rhizome as a tufted, robust epiphyte to a length between 8 and 35 cm. The stout, cylindrical stem is erect and about 15 cm long and has a tubular bract. The fleshy, oblanceolate leaves are 8 to 18 cm long and have a short petiole. The tiny single flowers have a length of about 2 cm. They grow from the base of the leaves, one at a time, on up to four clustered inflorescences. They have a pale yellowish-brown color, dotted with dull purple spots.