Chinese Elm Tree Bonsai - 10 Years Old

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  • The Chinese Elm is one of the most beautiful species of bonsai tree. The tree's most notable characteristics are its thick trunk development and textured leaves. It's hardiness makes it a good choice for taking care of both indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to train and easy to shape with vigorous branch and root growth. Pruning the Chinese Elm Bonsai tree will continually produce fresh leaves to any shape you choose.
  • Chinese Elms are deciduous trees with leaves and fine twigging on their secondary branches
  • Chinese Elm trees are durable and while preferring outdoor settings; can be displayed indoors for weeks at a time without ill effects. Thrives outdoors above 20 degrees with protection;
  • Characterized by its leaf shape and stem development, the Chinese Elm is a great tree for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts who want to practice their clip-and-grow pruning. Easy to train and easy to shape with vigorous branch and root growth.

The Chinese Elm, scientifically known as Ulmus parvifolia, is a great starting point for beginners venturing into the world of bonsai. Its popularity is well-deserved, given its lush canopy of small, proportioned leaves and gracefully swaying S-curved trunk that can mimic the look of an aged tree at a young age.