Blanca's Orchid Mounts

Blanca's Orchid Mounts

Blanca's Orchid Mounts.

This category was created from the inspiration given to us by Blanca.

Blanca is an orchid enthusiast from south Florida. Because of the great weather enjoyed there, she is able to keep her orchids outside - hanging from trees, baskets and just free in the air. She just does not pot anything. Because of this, we did not have anything to accommodate her needs.

Having access to great pieces of various wood, we decided to make mounting boards to mount orchids. The mounts may be used inside or outside. Each piece is unique due to the different grains and knots in the wood. All pieces are hardwood, acceptable to use with orchids or other plants and will last many, many years.

Thanks to Blanca, we now have mounting boards for everyone to enjoy.