Moss Basket Liners

Why Use Moss Basket Liners?
Many orchid enthusiasts use moss hanging basket liners or special “orchid moss” in their growing media because orchids are very sensitive to overwatering, loss of moisture, and low humidity levels. Our New Zealand Sphagnum Moss liners help to solve all of these problems, naturally retaining moisture to keep the orchid’s roots moist without being waterlogged. They also naturally shed excess water (just like coco liners) and allow for better airflow to the orchid's roots which is critical for optimal health.

How to Use OurMoss Basket Liner
Moss basket liners are ideal for so many species of orchids and other plants and are so easy to use. Simply clean out your old hanging baskets, spritz the liner with water to soften it, lay the liner in the basket, and fill with a suitable orchid growing medium. The basket liner will help keep the basket from losing any potting medium, will retain moisture, and even improve the aesthetics of the arrangement! You don’t need to pierce holes in the moss liners because they are porous and readily absorbent; they can help passively regulate moisture on their own.