Paula's Cat Corner

Paula is an orchid enthusiast from West Virginia. It has been said that Paula is fond of Cattleya orchids. Truth is, Paula is fond of orchids, she is obsessed with Cattleya orchids. Some of her You-Tube followers have gone so far as to call her "The Cat Lady".
We had a cat lady back in my home town, but her cats were the furry kind. No blooms, just the smell.
So in honor of "The Cat Lady", Orchid Supply Store has arranged all of our cats (and cat crossing) in one place. To make it easy to find.

Happy Shopping

Cattleya is a genus of orchids from Costa Rica south to Argentina. The genus is abbreviated C in trade journals. Epiphytic or terrestrial orchids with cylindrical rhizome from which the fleshy noodle-like roots grow. Pseudobulbs can be conical, spindle-shaped or cylindrical; with upright growth; one or two leaves growing from the top of them. The leaves can be oblong, lanceolate or elliptical, somewhat fleshy, with smooth margin. The inflorescence is a terminal raceme with few or several flowers. Flowers have sepals and petals free from each other; the lip or labellum (lowermost petal), usually has a different coloration and shape from the rest of the flower and covers in part the flower column forming a tube. There are four polliniums (bag-like organs that contain pollen).