Danni's Preferred

Danni's Preferred Bark.

This category was created from the inspiration given to us by Danni.

Danni is an orchid enthusiast from the great state of Ohio. Danni does not have the warm weather enjoyed by some. She has mild summers with harsh cold in the winter. Danni has a small green house filled with a wild selection of color - orchids of all types.

When Danni re-pots an orchid, she uses her preferred media - Orchiata bark.

Danni said she just loves this bark and one thing she raves about is the re-sealable bags. >>>  orchiata-med-200-.jpg

No more dropping bark all over her green house floor. It stays in the bag and is sealed which improves the freshness of the bark.

Danni has provided us with a short video, please watch.  Happy Shopping.