Encyclla Cindy

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  • Name/Species: Encyclla Cindy
  • Plant will be up to 11 inches tall with an 10 inch spread.
  • This is a younger plant, just a few months away from blooming. It is not in bloom. With proper care will bloom many years.
  • Shipped, freshly watered, packaged with care.
  • You will receive 1 orchid.

The epiphytic genus Encyclia occurs in Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, and other regions of the tropical Americas. It grows in lowland forests at altitudes up to 1000 meters. The distribution of the species is more or less evenly spread throughout this area. Most of these species are found in seasonally dry forests where the humidity tends to remain high throughout the year, though precipitation is infrequent, sometimes lacking for months. They are most common in dry oak forests. Most species have stiff, drought-resistant leaves and large onion-shaped pseudobulbs.[3] The flowers arise from an apical inflorescence. This genus is pollinated by bees and birds. There are normally eight pollinia, but in some subgroups this is reduced to four. One species, Encyclia cyperifolia, produces cylindrical, terete leaves